Film Star

“I know you said you didn’t want me to record you, but I’ve changed my mind,” he said, and I looked up to see his phone aiming down at me.  I groaned in humiliation, he couldn’t record me!  “If you don’t want me to record this then you’d better stop now.”

Stop?  I pulled back until just the head of his cock was in my mouth, but I couldn’t bear to let it go.

“You look good with my dick in your mouth,” he said, and I looked up at him.  “Recording in three… Two…” I groaned, taking his cock all the way down my throat and pressing my burning face against his pelvis to try and hide.  “One.” I heard his phone beep as the recording started.

I could hear the little moans and sounds of contentment I was making as I held his cock in my throat, but I couldn’t hold my breath much longer.   Out of air, I drew back until just a few inches of his cock were laying across my tongue and my lungs pulled in air around it.  I looked up, and my eyes locked onto his phone.

I moaned, realizing that I’d just shown the camera my face.

“Yeah, faggot!  I’m putting this all over the internet.”  I moaned and shoved my face back down onto his dick.


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