Stories by Other Authors


From free to paid, sexual to self help, you can find it here.
Vincent Vega, ViVe, makes some great audio files.  You can find them here.

Erotica Links

I would argue that this is THE go-to website for the hypnosis/mind control genre.  If you are a reader, you will find a world of delight, and if you are a writer, you will find a supportive community.
The first erotica site I ever visited.  Nifty has been around forever, and has stories covering a diverse range of tastes and fetishes.
A great site for hypnosis and mind control stories of all sorts.  You can find some real hidden gems here.
I have been posting my stories here for the past year.  It isn't hypnosis/mind control focused, but you can find a lot of good stories here.

Porn Sites Nicky Likes

When I was studying creative writing at my university, this was my go-to porn site.  It is a  paid site, and one of the few I have ever been willing to spend money on.  If you like my stories, you're likely to enjoy their videos.
Bad news first: TIM embraces the "bug chaser" fetish, which is NOT for me (in my fantasies, AIDS/Herpes/Etc. do not exist).  That being said, there is some really hot fucking in their productions.  When I was reviewing porn, their videos were my favorite.


I have played this game and beat it every possible way.  So much fun, and it makes me horny while also making me feel better about myself.