Nicky’s Favorites

These are some of my favorite stories from around the internet.

All stories come from The Nifty Archive, Gay Spiral Stories, and the The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive, and I highly recommend visiting each site and reading through some of the other stories on there.

If you are an author of one of these stories and would like me to remove the link, please email me directly at

Stories by Other Authors (In Mostly Alphabetical Order)

Alpha Pheromones by Gayborhood

An Ad Tale: Kyle’s Cock by mw-scot

An Ad Tale: The Swimmers by mw-scot

Bad Pharma by Baralai

Badder Pharma by Baralai

Baddest Pharma by Baralai

Bad Pharma: Epilogue by Baralai

Black Cock Warning by   (Series)

BMOC Beat Down by Cicero

Bra-Ian and the Ancient Krill by Cicero

The Campus Blog Journal: Joey’s Brother by Cicero

Cockblock by Darr Fall

Compromising Situations by Bambino Rojo

Domination of a Quarterback by Jonathan Longhorn

Fill ‘Er Up by Tkhon

Hey Mikey, Chapter 3 by Darr Fall

In The End… by Poolboymc

Man Control–Mark’s Cat by B Denton

The Math, Part 3 by AgainstMyWill

Owning Eric by DannyDaLionKing

PharmaCorp Pheromones by AgainstMyWill

Pink Pill by mw-scot(CodyTaylorNYC)

Pink Pill: Don’t try changing the woman by mw-scot

Related Videos by Tkhon

Reverse Psychology by Gayborhood

Ride of His Life by The Vault Keeper

Roommate Keyholder by   (Series)

Sake and Satin by Boloma and Cicero   (Series)

Sake and Satin: The Mission by Boloma and Cicero

Sake and Satin: The Mission: Finis by Boloma and Cicero

SHORT: Seeds of a Twink Variety by xORRINx

Student Control by Kyle Leach   (Series)

The Tank by rubbrsome

That’s Fascinating by Jack Conoff   (Series)

Topped Cop: Squad Daze by Cicero

YMCA Black Attack by Skorpio   (Series)