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A Bountiful Harvest

A fuck-up's dad decides he isn't worthy of carrying on the family name and harvests a few qualities to give his second-son a head start.

A Doctor’s Art

The first story I ever wrote, A Doctor's Art, and the second, A Doctor's Art: Brotherly Love.  Available exclusively to my supporters, this is the story of a young man who has a life changing experience visiting his doctor, and how he loves his brother so much that he is happy to help the Doctor make his brother happy, too.

The Adventures of Admiral Columbia

Roger Stevens had always been scrawny.  That is, until he joined an experimental program through the Navy of the United States of Columbia.  Now Roger is a new man with all the power he needs to bring Nazis, or whoever, to their knees.

A New Calling

Avery doesn't believe that Blaze can hypnotize him.  To show him just how wrong he is, Blaze decides it's time for Avery to have a change of career.

Arabian Night

John is an engineer, stranded outside the United States of Columbia due to President Trumpet's travel ban. Fortunately, his father's family helps him find some life changing work to pass the time...

A Study of Sensimilla

Freddy Stone participates in a cannabis study with his cousin and their friend, and the three experience the high of a lifetime.

Blasphemous Rapture

Revelation or blasphemy, it's all about perspective.

The Chamber of Mirrors

Students unable to stop masturbating keep turning up around campus.  They say that it's because of stress, that they had a nervous break.  That makes sense, right?  And, anyway, you don't need to worry... You aren't stressed, right?


Samir is forced to give Shawn rides back to the dorm after practice during his pre-freshman year summer swim camp, and he isn't happy about it.  But maybe he's wrong, maybe Shawn is actually a great guy.  He even thanks Samir with a special protein shake every morning!


The world is full of monsters, and some of them just so happen to be sexy.


Noel thought that Cyrus had given up after he won their battle for Jami's heart.  Little did he know, Cyrus was playing the long game.

The Deep House

After crashing his car driving drunk, Rocco's little cousin buys him a deep massage out at The Deep House. Rocco is reluctant, but satisfaction is guaranteed!

Deferred Sentence

This story was inspired by a story by Ethan White (You can find it HERE) and written with his permission.  This story is dark and twisted, so fair warning there.  I will be reworking it into a lighter version in the near future.
  • Light Version (Coming Soon)

The Desmond Brothers

Moses convinces his little brother, Jeremiah, to help him and his friend, Diego, with an experiment.


Ryan has lied to himself for so long that it has dire consequences when he participates in a trial for an experimental ED treatment.  Available exclusively to my Patrons from Patreon.
  • Dysfunction    (Supporter Exclusive, Password Required)


Kyle is jumped in the locker room and given the education he never knew he needed by a group of anonymous men.

Empty Boxes

Nicky's 2018 Christmas Special:  A father and his twin sons experience a genuine Christmas miracle and become closer than they've ever been before; closer than a father and sons should be.

The End of Infinity

Infinity and his canine-sidekick Nine are the city's greatest heroes, thwarting villain after supervillain.  But will Infinity prevail when he is captured by the evil architect behind every plot he's ever thwarted and every scheme he's ever wrecked, The Architect?  Stay tuned!
  • Intermission (Super Kinky Bonus Chapter, Super Kinky Password Required)

Euphrates Pharmaceuticals

The major drug company Euphrates Pharmaceuticals is rumored to have developed many mind-altering drugs, and to have conducted highly unethical studies in the process.
  • Quake    (Supporter Exclusive, Password Required)

The First Dive

A swimmer is transformed into a total slut for cock.

Freshened Perspective

An automatic air freshener dispenser over the urinal in a public bathroom sprays you right in the face, and you think you might be allergic because it's making you feel funny.

The Fucking Living

Elias Drake wakes up in the hospital after volunteering for an experimental treatment, and the entire world has changed.  Can he figure out what's going on before it's too late?

Getting Stuffed

Nicky's 2018 Thanksgiving Special:  Quentin loses a bet and has to "be the turkey."  He's not really sure what that means, but he really enjoys finding out.

The Graduation Present

Adam and his father have big plans for Mark, setting him on a downward-spiraling path of lust and depravity.

Hard Candy

Taylor makes a deal with a Sorcerer to get the best sex of his life.  Then he breaks it.

Howl: The First Pack

Jonathan encounters a wolf while jogging through the woods, and finds himself transformed.  Will he be able to control his body's new urges, or will they control him?  This is a work in progress only available to my Patrons from Patreon.


Matt is a slut burdened by strong inhibitions.  But he has a plan for overwhelming his inhibitions, involving a street drug rumored to cause literal cum addiction.  This story is available exclusively for my Patrons.
  • Inhibitions    (Supporter Exclusive, Password Required)


Jay's boyfriend picks out a hypnosis file to help spice up their sex life. Unfortunately, an ill-timed phone call sends him down a much more humiliating path.

It’s Just What You’ve Always Wanted

The dynamic between Mickey and his little stepbrother, Blake, changes drastically after Blake turns 18; turns out, it's just what Mickey always wanted.

It’s Perfectly Normal

Jacob has never masturbated, and his doctor is determined to teach him a fundamental truth about masturbation: It's perfectly normal.

Jack’d Off

Warren sets out on an adventure exploring the thrilling world of VR porn, but perhaps he doesn't take security quite as seriously as he should.

No Hands

You drugged his sister, so he drugged you, and now he's going to teach you a special lesson about who you are.

Paternal Instinct

Trevor's dad is worried about him and decides to go snooping in his son's room. In the process, he learns something surprising about his son, and something even more surprising about himself

Penetrating Flesh

Derek has pledged a frat, and he will do just about anything in order to get in.  When he is tasked with going to get a penis piercing, he has no idea how life changing the experience is going to be.
  • Chapter Eight (Super Kinky Bonus Chapter, Super Kinky Password Required)

The Perfect Body

Archer has body issues, and his therapist has the perfect treatment in mind.

Porno, He Wrote

Thunder rumbles over the tiny town of Cumbut Cove, a flash of lightning casting harsh shadows across the picturesque streets.  Meanwhile, in a little cabin in the woods, the clack-clack-clack of a typewriter can be heard as Nicky Noxville spins a new tale.


Ewan goes to live with his older stepbrother, Jonas, while he finishes up his senior year of high school.  When he discovers black cock slut training videos, he sets off down the path of a total slut for black cock.  When Jonas catches him, his stepbrother starts pushing him farther and farther along that depraved path of black cock worship.

The Ring

When Cameron Jones buys an antique ring at a mysterious shop, he has no idea that he's about to eagerly, lustfully, sell his soul to a demon.

Runs in the Family

Edwin's mom pisses off his stepfather, and he finally finds out what was behind all the changes they'd gone through in the years since the wedding.

Say Uncle

Stanley's parents kick him out after he is repeatedly caught getting fucked at school.  With nowhere else to go, he moves in with his uncle.

Seven Minutes in Devin

Two gay roommates in a house full of nerds enact a plot to turn their straight roommate, Devin, into their personal bottom bitch.

Smashing Pumpkins

Nicky's 2018 Halloween Special, exclusive for Patrons:  A group of friends test out a local legend about a special pumpkin patch that can make your cock huge.  What could go wrong?

Smoke and Drums

For the first time in ages, orcs have invaded the forest kingdom of the elves.  A young scout sent by the Elven Army is about to learn the true nature of orcs and elves.

Street Rat

In this folk tale inspired story, Aladdin has married the princess Badrulbadour, and just when he thinks happily ever after has begun, the man he thought was his uncle returns to take what is his.

The Student Becomes the Master

Mr. Burke tries to discipline the wrong student, and finds himself trapped in a truly fowl situation.

Summoning Demons for Pleasure and Profit

He may not realize it, but Callum crossed Alistair, and the sorcerer has a delightfully demonic revenge in mind.


A Sorcerer's Apprentice is sent out on a mission to lose his virginity. Unfortunately for him, he foolishly thought that he would be the only supernatural creature on the prowl.

Taken for a Ride

A racist passenger of a ride service learns his proper place.

Time Again

A Djinn grants a wish for... The first time?


Have a bad gag reflex?  There's a dentist who has a special toothpaste for that.

To Protect and Serve

Officer Layne Alexander completes his court mandated therapy for abusive and homophobic behavior.  Was his treatment a success?

Under Construction

Patrick's dad catches him watching gay porn and decides it's time for him to learn what it means to be a real man.

The Virtue of Chastity

Joseph cheats on his wife, Marie, and she decides he needs to learn a lesson about the virtue of chastity.

The Virtue of Humility

Having taught Joseph the Virtue of Chastity, Marie moves on to the virtue of humility.

The Volunteer

Mr. Westbrook breaks into a private research company hoping to volunteer as a test subject for a study he heard rumors of.  But they can't possibly hook horny guys up to machines and make them cum over, and over, and over, can they?

The Witching Hour

In a world where those even suspected of being witches are put to death, Aldred leads his twin brother, Osbert, down a path of power and pleasure. And all he has to do is sign his name in a book.


Beau's strange, incense burning, gay roommate convinces him to be the model for a revolutionary new sex toy he's developed. What could go wrong?

Writing Lines

Isaac Knapp is given detention for disrupting class with his laughter over the word "penis" in summer school biology class--a class he must pass in order to avoid repeating his Senior year.  But Mr. Miller has a punishment in mind; a punishment that he feels pairs well with the unruly young man's crimes.

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